One Solution for Clients Large and Small — Paychex Flex®

One Solution for Clients Large and Small - Paychex Flex

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If you currently refer small clients to one payroll/HR provider and larger clients to another, you’re causing yourself the unnecessary headache of managing multiple vendors and systems and missing out on the ability to take a high-level view of important metrics across your client base.

Paychex Flex, our innovative SaaS platform integrating a range of services including payroll, HR, and employee benefits, is scalable to meet the needs of clients large and small — from officer-only payroll for startups to human capital management for midsize businesses and large enterprises.

For your firm, this means real-time access to all the client data you need to enhance your role as a trusted advisor, AND a brand new opportunity to advise on areas you might not yet play a consultative role in, such as HR or benefits.


Paychex Flex for Small Businesses

Paychex Flex for Small Businesses

Your startup clients should be focusing on growing their business, not payroll administration. With Paychex Flex, running payroll is simple (automatic processing of a complete payroll takes only two clicks). Plus, they can easily import payroll to their accounting software, give their employees 24/7 online and mobile access to payroll and benefits information, and view more than 160 reports about their business.

For Larger Clients, Paychex Flex Enterprise

For Larger Clients, Paychex Flex Enterprise

Human capital management (HCM) has emerged as a key tool for midsize companies to respond both to internal challenges, such as recruiting, retention, performance, and productivity, and external pressures such as compliance issues, benefit costs, and increased competition.

Paychex Flex Enterprise gives these clients access to the services and data they need to take their HCM strategy to the next level — including recruiting/onboarding, payroll, HR, benefits administration, time and attendance, and retirement — all from one integrated platform and one secure login.


Empower Your Clients

When you connect your clients with Paychex Flex, you're bringing them:

Empower Your Clients
  • Simplicity. Paychex Flex is one integrated platform, built around a single data profile for each employee that serves as the master source for all transactions. This is a critical advantage because as an employee is added or updated, that data flows automatically to all of the various payroll, benefits, and HR applications, eliminating the need to toggle in and out to make redundant updates across multiple systems.
  • Scalability. As clients grow and their needs change, Paychex Flex grows with them. There’s no need to switch providers or platforms. It’s as simple as turning products and services off or on.
  • Convenience. Your clients and their employees can access their information anytime from any Internet-enabled device, including mobile devices. Users can even start their payroll on one device and pick up where they left off on another.
  • Choice in Service. They’ll get to choose how they receive service — including an option for 24/7 support and, for larger clients with a number of our products, one-stop service from a dedicated team that integrates service across our product lines.

Empower Your Firm

Your clients aren't the only ones who will benefit from Paychex Flex. You'll be gaining:

  • A single partner solution for all your clients, large and small. No more managing multiple vendors or systems.
  • Access to all your clients’ data from one secure portal, whether on your PC or mobile device. You can customize your views, set favorites across one or all clients, and access their data anytime, anywhere.
  • Choice in how and when to access client data, reports, and extracts. With client permission, choose the reports you would like, when you like, and even customize your own reports across all clients or for each client.
  • An entirely new way to interact with your clients, with the opportunity to add significant client value by making not only a payroll referral, but a recommendation on a complete solution that enables true human capital management.