Partner With Paychex For Services That Your Clients Can Bank On

Attracting and retaining clients just became easier. Become known as a full-service business solution by partnering with Paychex. We maintain relationships with hundreds of banks nationwide and provide an additional referral source for acquiring new business.

Benefits for Banks

Our relationship will effectively expand your bank's service offerings, and help increase revenues from both new and existing clients. How?

  • Referrals — Paychex has one of the largest sales forces in the country. Our referrals can help increase your client base and revenue.
  • Revenue Sharing — By partnering with Paychex, we'll allocate a percentage of the revenue generated by your customers who sign up for our services.
  • Co-Branding — Put your logo on our payroll, HR, retirement, and employee benefits materials when you advertise Paychex services.

Benefits for Clients

Partnering with Paychex not only brings added value to your institution, it also offers your business clients a total financial solution. We offer everything from:

Why Paychex?

Paychex offers easy-to-use payroll solutions and our commitment to customer service are the top reasons why banks choose us as their payroll partner. Our local representatives assist with the onboarding, conversion, and processing of payroll and taxes, and are readily available when your clients have questions.