ExpenseWire® Online Expense Management

ExpenseWire saves your company time and money in two essential ways. It reduces your overhead by automating expense reporting online – eliminating spreadsheets and paper receipts. It also gives you the visibility and analytics to more easily enforce company policy and manage costly expenses like travel and entertainment.

Save Throughout the Expense Cycle

ExpenseWire works with all major credit cards, popular travel booking tools, Paychex Payroll, and other financial services to streamline your expense management and uncover real savings at each step in the expense cycle.

Save up to 63 percent on expense report processing costs.

Online expense management makes it easier to process expenses where you want, when you want. The ability to import expense data into your general ledger and accounting software also saves you time on data entry and helps improve accuracy.

Save up to 50 percent on expense review and approval time.

Employees can quickly adopt ExpenseWire as an easy way to track expenses, and you can customize the system to help ensure they’re following company standards and practices.

Save up to 60 percent on reimbursement processing costs with direct deposit.

Get the access and analysis you need to manage your travel spending and uncover new opportunities for savings. ExpenseWire also makes it simple to enforce company policy and spending limits.

Save up to 57 percent on travel and entertainment transactions.

ExpenseWire helps with budget planning by giving you convenient access to your company’s expenses. You can also use it to assign expenses to certain clients or projects and use the data to help in vendor negotiations.