HR Essentials

Where do you turn when employee management becomes overwhelming? Paychex HR Essentials can be your go-to resource for solutions that address your changing employee management needs.

Take Advantage of Our Human Resource Capabilities

Whether you’re starting a business, or supporting your current HR program, Paychex HR Essentials includes scalable services so you can focus on employee performance and productivity.

Consult with HR Specialists

Where else can you find resources to answer your HR-related questions? Our highly trained HR specialists are available to provide support for your specific HR issues.

Develop a Custom Employee Handbook

We work with you to help write a handbook that implements your specific company’s policies, matches your needs and culture, and can be published in binders and online.

Help Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Paychex safety professionals are available at any time to help create a compliant safety manual customized to your worksite and employee situation. We continue to offer employee and management training webinars to keep abreast of ever-changing safety requirements.

Personnel and Management Guides

Receive complimentary management guides to help you with Supervisor Procedures, Interviewing and Selection, and Performance Appraisals.

Participate in Management Training

Certified Paychex trainers conduct live and recorded webinars for your management team via WebEx on current need-to-know HR topics.

Roll Out an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Most small companies can't offer an Assistance Program, but with Paychex HR Essentials, you can. You will be able to show employees you understand their needs by offering an optional concierge service and resources to help them solve some of life’s challenges.

Log into Our HR Library

Get 24-hour access to valuable HR resources, current compliance regulations, and legal news that can help keep your business running smoothly and avoid unnecessary HR costs.

Stay Up-to-Date

Receive a free subscription to monthly and quarterly online newsletters covering trends in human resources and changes in federal and state employment legislation.