A Better Way to PEO

Get more from your professional employer organization (PEO)

A typical PEO allows you to outsource the management of your employee benefits program and restrain rising insurance costs. You remain in control, but your provider becomes a co-employer, joining your people with the employees of other companies to gain efficiencies of scale.

You Don't Have to Settle for "Typical"

Paychex transforms the standard professional employer organization into a powerful, time- and cost-saving human resource management service. One that gives your employees high-value benefits that help you retain them and attract others. Paychex also offers the proactive management of a dedicated HR professional who is backed by the expertise and buying power of America’s largest provider of outsourced HR services — allowing us to negotiate better pricing and coverage.

You See What You Pay For

With some PEOs it’s difficult to know what you’re paying for. Most competitors charge against gross wages which allows them to gain additional fees on raises, overtime pay, Section 125 deductions, and unvested 401(k) forfeitures. Paychex audits down to the penny and itemizes costs clearly on every invoice. No guessing. No surprises. It’s one of the reasons we’ve earned recognition from the Ethisphere Institute as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies.

Your Paychex HR Professional

A Trusted HR Advisor, Not an 800 Number

One of the unique aspects of the Paychex PEO is the personal management of a dedicated HR professional. Trained to take a proactive interest in your HR issues, they direct efforts to monitor compliance, schedule training and support you through every stage of the employee life cycle. And while most companies give you a toll-free number to call, you’ll have your Paychex HR professional’s cell. 

Your HR Professional can assist you with:

  • Hiring and managing employees
  • Creating a custom employee handbook
  • Regulatory and legal compliance issues
  • Employee benefits programs
  • Affordable Care Act documentation
  • Correct employee classification
  • Terminating an employee
  • Online HR resources
  • Workplace safety
  • Onsite employee training

“When we first started, we had no employee handbook, no documentation, no stable hiring practices, no management training, no job descriptions, no safety manual or trainings, etc. Our turnover was extremely high. With the help of Jennifer, our Paychex HR professional, we put these items in place.”

—Christopher L. Canarvis, Project Manager, All Star Energy, Inc.

    Get Proactive Compliance

    Your HR professional is trained to know federal, state, and local labor laws, and keep current of continually changing new legislation. They help to resolve issues before they become problems that can lead to potentially reputation-damaging fines or employee-initiated lawsuits.

    The Circle of Expertise

    Knowledge and Experience — Your Dedicated Team is Here to Help

    Your HR Professional directs a team of experts ready to assist you with payroll, workplace safety, insurance, and much more.

    Services: As Good As the Company Who Administers Them

    Named one of the World’s Most Admired Companies by FORTUNE magazine, we offer you comprehensive HR, payroll, and benefits management, with a high-energy work ethic that has made us the largest provider of outsourced HR services in the U.S. — with more than 1,000,000 worksite employees.


    • Human Resource Management: Our HR Professionals conduct assessments and roll out a 90-day action plan. Evaluating and closing compliance gaps. Working with you to create a custom employee handbook for your needs. And taking a proactive and personal interest in the success of your business’s HR function — including the proper classification of your workers.
    • Benefits Administration: Your Paychex HR professional will be there to help with enrollment and setting up the infrastructure of your benefits program.
    • Insurance Plans: Your Paychex PEO delivers best rates and coverage by leveraging partnerships with top-tier national and regional carriers for medical, dental, vision, life, and short- and long-term disability.
    • Section 125 Plans: Offer your employees an option to pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses with pre-tax dollars, boosting their net pay, and cutting your FICA and FUTA taxes.
    • 401(k) Retirement Plans: We can deliver many employee options including traditional, safe harbor, and owner-only plans.
    • Payroll Administration: Our Paychex FlexSM services for desktop and mobile help you outsource payroll administration more effectively, and assist you with tax administration, sales tax, and finding tax credits you may have missed.
    • Safety Programs (OSHA): A proper safety program may help limit regulatory penalties. You’ll have a dedicated safety control representative to assure your compliance with safety regulations.
    • COBRA: Add new plans, and enter qualifying events online with access to a toll-free support line.
    • Workers’ Compensation: Our payment service helps you avoid large up-front payments and year-end surprises while potentially improving your cash flow. Proper classification of your workers makes audit surprises less likely.
    • HR Online: You’ll have a single point of access to employee administration and company benefits on one platform.
    • Employer Shared Responsibility:  If you qualify for the employer shared responsibility (ESR) provisions of the Affordable Care Act, you could be exposed to penalties for failing to provide adequate coverage and/or relevant recordkeeping. This complex and time-consuming tracking is included in the Paychex PEO services.

    Professional employer organization (PEO) services are sold and provided by Paychex Business Solutions, LLC (PBS) and its affiliates, which are registered and licensed to sell and provide PEO services, including in Florida. PBS FL license numbers are Paychex Business Solutions, LLC, GL7, PBS of Central Florida, LLC, GM14, PBS of America, LLC, GM46, Paychex PEO I, LLC, GM455, Paychex PEO II, LLC, GM456, Paychex PEO III, LLC, GL193, Paychex PEO IV, LLC, GM519 and Paychex PEO V, LLC, GM 522.