Recruiting and Applicant Tracking Software

One way to improve the quality of your new hires while reducing turnover and lowering your cost per hire is to give your team the tools to enable a more efficient, paperless recruiting and applicant tracking process.

Paychex Major Market Solutions offers recruiting software that helps mid-sized employers improve the quality of new hires, reduce turnover, and lower their cost per hire.

Through a career website and the ability to analyze the information it collects, our recruiting software helps administrators, recruiters, and hiring managers with solutions such as:

  • Finding best-fit and hard-to-find candidates
  • Improving candidate quality
  • Hiring more efficiently
  • Potentially reducing costs

Providing your hiring team with a paperless, software-as-a-service recruiting and applicant tracking system can address those common issues while vastly improving your ability to encourage and identify the best candidates for your open positions.