State Unemployment Insurance (SUI)

Unemployment administration can become cumbersome and costly for business owners, who must maintain current paperwork and respond to claims in a timely manner, or else face costly penalties.

Employer tax rates vary by state and typically fall within a range based on number of unemployment claims associated with your business. The more claims filed, the higher your tax rate becomes.

Our SUI service works with Paychex Payroll to help your business save time, administrative hassles, and costs commonly associated with unemployment administration.

Administrative Processing and Management

Feel confident handling an unemployment claim or dispute. With our SUI service, Paychex helps you promptly respond to claims and appeal processing to help avoid fines and retain rights to appeal. We can even provide representation at claims hearings (available in certain states; additional fee applies).

Charge Statement Monitoring

The Department of Labor saw more than $13 billion go toward improper payments for unemployment in 2011*, so it’s important to continually monitor for improper claims and erroneous charges. Our SUI service can help you do this, with features such as an in-depth benefit charge audit and annual claim activity reports.

SUI Information Access

If you have questions or need more information about separation documentation, pre-hearing procedures, or other unemployment benefit issues, just call our SUI specialists, who will be happy to assist you.

    *Department of Labor Payment Accuracy: