Let's start a different conversation about what Human Capital Management can mean.

Some midmarket HR systems come without real expertise in HCM solutions. Others substitute partnerships for actual integration. And some simply put an attractive user interface over a cobbled-together set of legacy solutions. That can mean higher risk, complexity, and lower productivity. But Paychex Flex Enterprise delivers one of the most comprehensive mobile and cloud-based technology suites available — built around a single source of real-time employee data, backed by 40 years of stability and innovation, and supported by our unique service model.
Welcome to true integration. True flexibility.
Truly human,
human capital management.

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A Fusion of Service and Technology

Paychex Flex Enterprise is the best of both worlds; a robust application built around people — your workforce and our support teams — and designed to be as powerful as it is flexible. And while its user-friendly design greatly reduces the chances you'll even need service, should you ever want assistance, you'll have it how, when, and where you want it — from options like 24/7 live phone support to a dedicated enterprise relationship manager.

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Tektonic Awards 2016
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