Credit and Debit Card Processing

Many payment processors accept credit cards—and that’s it. Paychex Payment Processing Services does much more for your business, all in one system. Use it to eliminate paper checks, offer gift cards to new and loyal customers, and even earn revenue for your business through dynamic currency conversion.

All-In-One Payment Processing for Your Business

Credit and Debit Card Processing

  • Accept more cards types so you can serve even more of your customers.
  • Give yourself the option of next-day funding.
  • Deposit 100% of your daily transactions and avoid daily processing fees with our monthly billing of all fees.
  • Make a single deposit to your bank and receive one monthly statement for all card types, electronic check deposits, and gift cards.
  • Help protect yourself against PCI non-compliance and reduce your risk of regulatory fines with the PCI Service that's provided with your merchant services account.

Electronic Check Services (ECS)

  • Consolidate check payments with your credit card deposits.
  • Reduce inconvenient trips to the bank.

Dynamic Currency Conversion

  • Automatically present your customers a receipt in their own currency.
  • Reduce conversion fees typically assessed on the customers’ credit card statement.
  • Create an additional source of revenue for your business.

Electronic Gift Cards

  • Improve customer loyalty and transactions.
  • Use them as promotions and giveaways to attract new customers.

Paychex is an Elavon Payments Partner and registered MSP/ISO of Elavon, Inc., Georgia.