Small Business Tax Services

Taxes may be inevitable, but they don’t have to be difficult. Paychex offers business tax services for over half a million companies throughout the U.S. We help take care of payroll taxes and sales taxes for you, and can even help find potential tax credits you may have missed.

Taxpay® Payroll Tax Service

Let's face it: Most business owners don't like doing taxes. So let our payroll tax service do them for you. Taxpay works with Paychex Payroll to help manage your tax payments while meeting IRS electronic filing requirements.

Sales Tax Payment Service

Do you need help calculating and filing sales taxes? Paychex Sales Tax Payment Service helps reduce your stress along with your maintenance costs by taking care of:

  • Sales tax determination and preparation.
  • Filing your tax returns.
  • Transferring obligations to tax agencies.

Tax Credit Services

Make sure your business gets the credits it deserves. Paychex can help your business claim tax credit incentives based on location, job creation, research and development, cost segregation, and training. We can also assist with state tax credits and unemployment claims management.