Testimonial Videos

Over a half million companies trust Paychex to help run and manage their payroll, human resources, and benefits processes. While they came to Paychex for our quality services, our focus on client satisfaction is why so many have built long-term business relationships with us. Featured below are a series of real video testimonials that represent the thoughts and opinions of several of our successful clients.

tru salon testimonial

Trü Salon Testimonial

Julie Judge, owner of Trü Salon, talks about how Paychex gives her the ability to provide for her staff the typical benefits that you'd see in any other bigger company, helping her attract a better quality employee.

Sheridan Medical testimonial

Sheridan Medical Group Testimonial

Despite paradigm change, tools and training from Paychex have empowered employees to excel in their work, according to Jennifer Carlson, Director of Clinical Operations at Sheridan Medical Group.

revelry testimonial

The Revelry Testimonial

The Revelry is just one of a family of five different restaurants co-owners Josh and Jenna Miles run. Learn how they rely on an extensive menu of enterprise services provided by Paychex to help keep them running smoothly.

RBS testimonial

Rochester Brain & Spine Testimonial

Paychex uses thorough documentation and training to help Rochester Brain and Spine stay in compliance. Joe Giorgione, Operations Director at RB&S, explains more.

Pet Partners video

Pet Partners Testimonial

With the help of Paychex Flex, Pet Partners has been able to get back precious time to focus on more important business-related tasks.

Parkleigh testimonial

Parkleigh Testimonial

Even without a full-time HR department on staff, Daniel Mejak, Operations Manager at Parkleigh, relies on Paychex to keep the company up-to-date on ever-changing compliance laws and regulations.

Microgen testimonial

Microgen Systems Testimonial

Michael J. Perrotta, CFO/COO of Microgen Systems, Inc., discusses how Paychex has helped his company recruit top engineering talent by offering competitive employee benefits.

HPS testimonial

Home Power Systems Testimonial

Learn how Paychex helps Jim Swetman, President and owner of Home Power Systems, not only develop proactive hiring and HR strategies, but also stay focused on running his small business.

holy childhood testimonial

Holy Childhood Testimonial

Holy Childhood is doing good and working better, with help from Paychex. Although a relatively small not-for-profit organization, they have many diverse reporting needs.

ESET testimonial

ESET North America Testimonial

Employees at ESET North America are fueling their dreams for retirement by taking advantage of a Paychex 401(k) plan. See how the company has nearly 90 percent plan participation.

conalvias testimonial

Conalvias Testimonial

Conalvias USA, LLC, is a heavy civil construction company that uses Paychex to help streamline their benefits, payroll, human resources, and reporting needs.


Workplace Essentials Testimonial

As a growing business, Workplace Essentials felt it needed to switch to a more robust system. Paychex offered them one complete solution.


Podiatry Care of Maine Testimonial

Podiatry Care of Maine manually processed payroll, which took a lot of time and effort. Now Paychex helps them save time and feel more confident that their employees are getting paid correctly.


Frank's Auto Repair Testimonial

Frank Roberts, owner of Frank's Auto Repair, transitioned from doing payroll in-house to working with Paychex on the recommendation of a CPA.


Mason Selkowitz Testimonial

Mason Selkowitz has been a loyal Paychex client for over 2 decades. Watch how they benefit from our payroll and employee benefits services.


WXXI Public Media Testimonial

WXXI Public Media turns to Paychex to run their payroll so they don’t have to worry about tracking time and labor or keeping up with the latest IRS rules.